Botou Juneng Spring Co. is a specialized manufacturing enterprise with an expertise in the production of high quality springs. Our product catalog includes, hot coiled large springs, cold coiled springs, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and many other types. Our springs are used in a wide range of industrial applications from heavy duty coke oven machinery to automobile suspension springs. Founded in 1981, Juneng has experienced significant growth. We began as a producer of handmade light duty springs and now we have automated equipment that is capable of producing large heavy duty springs with diameters up to 100mm. Contact us today to learn more about our high quality springs and Juneng in general. Details

Product Examples
    1. Heavy Duty Compression SpringsHeavy Duty Compression Springs
    2. Juneng has the capability to produce customized large-scale compression springs according to customer demands.

    1. Heavy Duty Leaf SpringsHeavy Duty Leaf Springs
    2. Leaf springs are mainly used in load-carrying vehicles like automobiles and tractors, acting as a buffer and a shock absorber.

    1. Heavy Duty Disc SpringsHeavy Duty Disc Springs
    2. Heavy duty disc springs offer outstanding load capacity with a short stroke and convenient assembly.

    1. Industrial Compression SpringsIndustrial Compression Springs
    2. Juneng can customize various industrial compression springs for customers upon request.

    1. Industrial Extension SpringsIndustrial Extension Springs
    2. Extension springs are coil springs designed to withstand axial tensile forces.

    1. Industrial Die SpringsIndustrial Die Springs
    2. Industrial die springs are often referred to as rectangular springs because of their rectangular cross section.

Springs Materials

The Juneng factory is equipped with a 100mm diameter hot-coiling spring line, which can be used to produce custom large hot coiled springs with diameters up to 100mm. Our designers can assist clients with customized spring designs based on demands on spring diameter, usage, load capacity, etc.

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